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About Me

Making an impact through hard work and dedication.

I am a technical creative - a person that uses, technology, science and art to develop new value propositions for customers and organizations. As a technical creative I work with you and your team to help imact your orgnaization and business on a dynamic level.

My professional experience expands over 20 years. It has been a pleasure and privilege to provide consulting services, training, program development and leadership from the large enterprise to small businesses; across various business models for a global community, including 5 countries.  My goal are to help you and your team identify, prioritize, scope and ultimately deliver those projects providing the greatest value proposition to your business initiatives.   Working collaboratively we will unleash the collective intelligence of your organization as a key differentiator in the marketplace.

Core Values

MISSION: Provide solutions that empower customers to successful outcomes.

VISION: Increase the impact of technology for customers and communties by allowing them to take advantage of Cloud Based Services.

Area of Expertise

Solution Architect

Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services

Managed Support Services

Application Architect

Infrastructing as a Service

Serverless Web-Hosting

Training & Development

Technology Evangelist

Platform as a Service

Vendor Relationship Management

Content Delivery Network



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